Fast. Fit. Food.

Chopped Chicken Salad

What is Fast Fit Food?

It’s real food that tastes good and makes you feel good.

At Fit Pantry we serve real fruit, vegetables and proteins that are prepared and cooked in a way that doesn’t compromise their health benefits. Our menu is completely original with all recipes and dressings created by our team and made from scratch daily. We feed our customers what we feed ourselves: fresh produce that is cut by hand and grilled or steamed only, and lean protein that is never frozen. We provide unique drink choices that are free of high fructose corn syrup, non-GMO, vegan and free of added sugars.

  • NO freezers
  • NO fryers
  • NO added sugars

Who Are We?

We’re Bakersfield’s very first dine in or drive thru health conscious restaurant!

We serve meals created to supply you with just the right balance of protein and carbs to give your body the fuel it needs, without sacrificing taste. Our mission is to support you in your active, healthy lifestyle by creating fit, flavorful meals to provide convenience and flexibility in your everyday life.

Sarah . Partner

World traveler and thrill seeker turned business owner. I have a passion for fitness, positivity and living life to the absolute fullest with my husband and our four legged friends!

Tarin . Partner

Health & fitness enthusiast turned mama of two boys. I love growing my business, raising my sons, and promoting positivity and wellness to all I encounter.